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How to buy

Step 1: A customer visits our website and makes PURCHASE ORDER (PO) and sends it to SHINYO-TEC.
Step 2: SHINYO-TEC makes PERFORMA INVOICE (PI) and sends it to customer. 
Step 3: If the customer agrees to PI, he or she makes payment (goods cost + freight charge) and shows payment proof.   
Step 4: SHINYO-TEC arranges products production. 
Step 5: SHINYO-TEC delivery the products to the customers after the production finished. 
Step 6: The customer receives the package.


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《 Because We Are Shinyo-Tec 》

We choose to offer you the top

quality instead of lowest price.

We would like to explain for price 

structure rather than apologising for quality.


      We can decrease cost to get 

      fast-moving sales if just for profit.

      However, quality always takes 

      priority and that is what we are proud of.


       Keep offering high quality and 

       innovative products are our company             mission.

       Customer satisfaction, long-term                  cooperation& friendship are what we             have been and will always pursue for.



      Tel: 0755-29487056


      Add: Room1502, Easey                                  Commercial Building,                                   253-261 Hennessy Road,